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Quadratic Functions

This topic is closely related to the topic of quadratic equations. We will discuss further  on 4 subtopics below:

1. The Basic of quadratic functions
2. Determine max and min values of quadratic function
3. How to sketch the graph of quadratic functions
4. How to find the range of values of x in Quadratic inequalities

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Quadratic Equations

3 Basic Techniques in Solving Quadratic Equation Questions

In this chapter we will learn 3 most basic techniques on how to:

  1. Solve the quadratic equations
  2. Form a quadratic equation
  3. Determine the conditions for the type of roots.

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4  Basic Concepts You Need To Learn About Functions

Basically there are four concepts you need to master in this chapter:

  1. Relations
  2. Functions
  3. Composite Functions
  4. Inverse Functions

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